Dr. Juan Carlos Rondón
Juan Carlos Rondón, MD, JD, CPI, FCLM

Juan Carlos Rondón, MD, JD, CPI, FCLM

Assistant Medical Director
Principal Investigator

Dr. Rondon received his doctorate from the Higher Institute of Medical Science of Havana and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. He was certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine in 2000, and was re-certified in 2011. He practiced primary care Internal Medicine in South Florida. He has been a principal investigator since 2013 and has extensive experience in all phases (I-IV) of clinical research and has participated in more than hundreds of clinical studies, Dr Rondon has co-authored four clinical journals.
Dr. Rondon is currently Director of Phase I at the Ocean blue Medical Research Center in Miami Spring, Florida. Dr. Rondon is a Certified Principal Investigator and specializes in HIV / AIDS. Dr Juan Carlos Rondon received his Juris Doctor at Nova Southeastern University in 2012. He is a member in good standing at the Florida Bar since 2015.Dr Rondon is a partner at The MDLAW firm in Miami Lake Florida, which specializes in Health Law and provide physicians with a one stop legal firm to cover all physician-related legal needs.