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CPMI - Clinical Pharmacology of Miami - Part of the ERG Network

Clinical Research Facility in Miami / Hialeah, Florida

Clinical Pharmacology of Miami was founded to serve a real need for high quality clinical research facility in Miami. We have the experience and facility to conduct safe, precise, well controlled clinical research with new and existing drugs. Part of the ERG Network.

5 Common Myths About Kidney Health

It’s National Kidney Month! So, what better time to join forces and help spread the truth about kidney health? Unfortunately, many people hold onto outdated or incorrect information regarding our kidneys. To learn more, read our latest blog, where we debunk 5 common myths about kidney health. Kidney Health: Common

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Find out what conditions fall under a liver disease diagnosis in our blog.

5 Different Types of Liver Disease:

Liver disease is a wide-ranging umbrella term for any medical issue affecting the liver ranging in severity. Here are 5 different types of liver disease and their causes – learn more in our blog below! The Rundown on Liver Diseases Approximately 1 in 10 individuals in the U.S. are affected

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Cirrhosis is serious. Learn more about the liver disease complication in our latest blog.

The Consequences of Cirrhosis

Liver disease is one of the most misunderstood health conditions in the U.S. Many people are unaware of what functions the liver performs, let alone that it can be affected by diseases. One such disease is cirrhosis. In this blog, we’ll discuss the consequences of cirrhosis and how long-term liver

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